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Non-freezing Polak rides to Oymiakon

Non-freezing Polak rides to Oymiakon
Today my brother and I were lucky enough to meet Marek Suslik, a Polish motorcycle traveler.

The meeting was short-lived - he was already going on the road from Irkutsk, where he was sent on his way from Poland to Oymyakon, which he considered the Pole of Cold on Earth. The temperature in January there was -67.7 degrees Celsius.
The brave traveler rides a Honda Africa motorcycle (He calls his motorcycle Elsa), and acquaintances dubbed his technique “Honda Arctica”, which is equipped with a special system of sled skis, similar to those used by Swedish motor troops.
The motorcycle is equipped with hand and foot protection and a thermometer. Tires are studded. When driving on a slippery road, Marek uses skis that are equipped with levers and springs.

We talked on various topics, said goodbye and each went in his own direction. In parting, Marek gave us several stickers with his symbol - “White Wolf”.

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17.01.2020, Irkutsk. 

The thermometer is marked up to -50 Celsius

UPD 28.01.2020

Arriving in Yakutsk, Marek decided to send the motorcycle to Moscow and return to Poland on it. The reason is that the escort car will not withstand temperatures below -50 Celsius.

In Yakutsk, the temperature on the highway reached -70 degrees Celsius.

Elsa was sent by a transport company to Moscow, from where Marek will return to Poland on her.

UPD 14.05.2020

Marek successfully returned to Poland as planned. Now his book is being prepared for publication, describing the journey to the Pole of Cold and not only...

UPD 06.11.2022

The second meeting with Marco Polo took place. This time we were visiting him - in his hometown of Tychy.

We sat, talked, drank coffee / lemonade, exchanged gifts and said goodbye, agreeing to see each other in the near future, when I can ride a motorcycle. And since I am not as frost-resistant as Marek, then most likely already next year.

P.S. Elsa is now in the motorcycle museum in Ukraine as an honored guest.

On Elsa

My brother, me and Marco PL

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